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  Welcome to Henox Enterprises.com!
  A Direct Marketing, Import, Export, and E-commerce company. Visit us for great products and services.


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At Henox Enterprises, we strive to make lives better through business development. Join us for a better tomorrow. You will be glad you did.


Our mission is to provide value to our customers both in product and service with great emphasis in quality and integrity.

Henox Enterprises has been in business since 1984. Originally an Import/Export company, Henox Enterprises has since been gradually expanding into E-commerce, Arts, Greeting Cards, and music.

Henox Enterprises prides itself in the dedicated service of its employees with a combined 30 years of experience headed by the Owner and President, Henry Okoye.

Henry Okoye has an MBA, Business Administration; MPA, Public Management; MA, Computer Information and Resource Management; and BSc., Marketing and Management.

Office affairs are handled by Jannice Okoye who has a tremenduous line of experience in many fields particularly in customer service and Finance. She has a BSc., Management and Human Resource Management.

Help us serve you. Let us know your needs.

Check out some of our products and services at:
» domainfella.com
» popularmovies.com
» popularlyric.com
» merchandisepro.com
» maternitywise.com

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